For my final university project, I produced a three-part series on artificial intelligence called AI & Society.

Collection of interviews I’ve done or filmed.

Through work experience, I’ve worked on BBC Click, ITV Granada, Sky News (election coverage) and Channel 5 News.

At University I broadcasted on Shock Radio. In my final year, I was the Head of News and also received Shock Radio’s ‘Best Newcomer’ award for 2019. I had my own show called George’s Tech Show and was a newsreader doing a live bulletin every week. As Head of News, I was responsible for organising and managing the radio bulletin team. Along with any of the stations’ news output.

Previously I was the Editor for The National Student where I managed both the Technology and Gaming sections of the website. As Editor, I managed writers, regularly pitched content ideas, sub-edited writers’ work and sourced copyright-free media. The articles I wrote can be found here.